Getting a Tattoo in a Foreign Country

Getting a Tattoo in a Foreign Country

So, this year I got my fourth tattoo in a foreign country. Its like getting a souvenir that will be with you forever. I always make sure I have a lot of meaning behind my tattoos, and since most of mine are travel related it makes it easy to come up with an idea when I travel. The four I currently have are:


1. ευτυχία, which translates to happiness. This is a Greek derived word, so it was only fitting to get it while I was in Mykonos, Greece.

2. A maple leaf, I got this one on my side when I was in Quebec, Canada.

3. "Never Stop", I got this written in Punjabi when I was in New Delhi, India. The reason I got this was because it represents Costa Mundo's slogan: "Never stop until you've seen everything". It is a daily reminder to never stop doing what I love.

4. My most recent one is the blueprint of Leonardo Davinci's helicopter, which led to the evolution of modern aeronautics (flight travel). I got this when I was in San Jose, Costa Rica. 


It is very exciting to get tattoos in other countries, but you always have to be careful. Some tips I recommend on getting a tattoo abroad are:


1. ALWAYS make sure you check with the locals that it translates to what you're seeking. It would be really shitty to get a dumb phrase on your body that you thought was something special.

2. Make sure the artist/shop has some reputation, and they use proper sanitizing procedures when tattooing customers.

3. Finally, some tattoos parlors can be located in sketchy parts of the city. So, always be aware of your surroundings, and travel with someone when getting it. Remember you are in their home, you are their guest, so be be careful. 


I love tattoos, and it is always fun to talk with people about where I got them. So, if that's your thing. Go out there and get inked up. Turn your body into a passport!

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