Who are we?

What is the brand Costa Mundo?

Costa Mundo is a lifestyle clothing brand that was inspired by international travel. We aim to make the world a better place by uniting cultures through our brand. We design garments that follow the lifestyle of those that love to explore beyond our borders. 

Why the message in a bottle?

The message in the bottle was inspired by the first use of bottles as a method of communication. When you set a message in a bottle in the ocean, its purpose is to be received by someone on another coast. Our message in a bottle symbolizes uniting cultures through our brand. Also, every order we send our own message in a bottle to you!

Why is it based on international traveling?

My name is Dakota Weik, and I am the founder of Costa Mundo. Costa Mundo was inspired by the many trips that I have taken around the world. Something about being surrounded by a foreign culture always brought me a type of euphoria. As you travel, the more you learn about the differences between each culture but also the key fact that we are all the same. We all may have been brought up differently, but at the core we are people. That is something that needs to be more apparent to the world. I believe the key to making a stand against cultural racism starts with connecting people from all walks of life.

How do we give back to the world?

Costa Mundo takes ten percent of all its proceeds, and we donate them directly to Pencilsofpromise.org. Pencils of Promise is a phenomenal organization that builds educational opportunities for children in developing countries. Our donations go directly to educating children in struggling regions. With Pencils of Promise we are given access to real time data that shows how our donations are put into action.

What goals does Costa Mundo seek to achieve?

  • Build a lifestyle brand inspired by international travel.
  • Donate 10% of revenue to Pencils of Promise.
  • Build a pen pal program linking up students from the United States with students in developing countries to create unity.
  • Educate 1 million children in developing regions.
  • Develop a backpacking organization that helps students travel at the lowest possible fares.